Wild Lights at the Zoo

Every year, the St. Louis Zoo puts on Wild Light at the Zoo. Basically, they decorate a large portion of the zoo in Christmas lights. My family and I went two years ago, and we went again this year. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to look at Christmas lights.


It’s such a festive atmosphere. They also sell snacks and hot chocolate. They even offer an adult hot chocolate, with your choice of Rumchata or Baileys. I had to enjoy one of those while walking through the lights.


Last time we went, we had all the kids, but this year we only had my nieces. It was a first time for my youngest niece and she loved all the lights. The weather was amazing for us Saturday night. Not super cold, but also not too warm.


If you are ever in St. Louis around Thanksgiving or Christmas, I highly recommend checking out the lights at the zoo. Tickets are only $11 for a weekend night and you get three hours to walk around.

Does your zoo put up light for the holidays?