Snow Days

St. Louis got a lot of snow this past weekend. In my backyard, I measured 11 inches, and it was still snowing at the time. The snow started Friday afternoon and continued through Sunday. It was crazy. I honestly didn’t think we would get as much as the news was predicting, but we did.

eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_06-58-27AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_06-56-41AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_07-00-21AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_07-01-00AM.PNG

The roads were awful Friday into Saturday morning. There were a lot of accidents and stranded motorists. I am so thankful my work closed early and I made it home before anything got bad.

eZy Watermark_12-01-2019_07-48-53AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_06-54-52AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_06-55-16AM.PNG

The dogs didn’t seem to mind the snow, even though it was up to their bellies. Toby just hopped around the entire yard. I was kind of surprised, because he hates rain/wet grass. Snow didn’t bother him at all, though.

eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_07-01-24AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_07-03-08AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_07-02-44AM.PNG
eZy Watermark_13-01-2019_07-02-16AM.PNG

I love snow. It’s so beautiful, as long as I don’t have to drive in it. Who else got snow?