It's no secret that I suffer from anxiety. I have openly talked about this for years. It's a part of my daily life, so it's not something I can just ignore. I have, however; found numerous ways to help alleviate my anxiety. 

+PHOTOGRAPHY: photography is one of my favorite things to do. When I'm anxious about something, there is nothing better than going on a photo adventure.

+NATURE: I love being in nature. It's so peaceful. It gives me an opportunity to reflect and relax. I especially love when I can bring my camera and snap a few photos, too.

+JOURNALING: writing stuff down helps me tremendously. It gets it out of my head and onto paper. Then I can see what is going on and hopefully figure out what is giving me anxiety.

+READING: reading takes me to a different place. I can leave behind my anxiety and stress and go into an imaginary world. It's a nice break from reality.

+CUDDLING: cuddling my Walter is a huge help. He makes me feel safe and relaxed.

What are some ways you deal with anxiety?