On the weekends, Walter and I like to get out and go on nature walks – if the weather permits. I prefer cooler days. If it’s too hot – we can’t stay out long. Neither one of us does good in the heat. Fall is probably my favorite time to go on nature walks. We had really nice weather a couple of weeks ago – so we were able to get in some good outside time.

Walter and I headed up to the park for our nature walk. We went in the early afternoon and had the park mostly to ourselves. I decided to park near a grassy field so we could run around and enjoy ourselves. The park closest to my house has some huge fields, so it’s really nice for Walter and I – especially when no-one else is at the park.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Walter got to sniff every single thing he saw while I took some photos. After awhile, the park started filling up with people, so we decided to head home. I was a little disappointed because the normal walking trails were closed off. I’m assuming it’s because they were fairly muddy – which wouldn’t have been good for my car after walking them.