I’m back with the second installment of The Monochrome Series. I enjoy doing this series. It’s amazing how black and white can completely transform a photo. In my opinion, it adds a great deal of emotion to a photo – whether it’s a photo of a person or a place or even just an object – black and white can completely change the mood.

Sometimes I think that maybe I want to shoot entirely in black and white. I know I couldn’t ever actually do it – because I adore the colors in my nature photos – but sometimes I think about it. 

I really like how black and white can make a low-light photo look good. There are a lot of times when I end up with a low-light photo and I want to trash it because I can’t get the colors/lighting/etc. to look good. Then, I make it black and white and it ends up looking great (in my opinion).

By the way, I re-opened my Flickr account – so if you’re on Flickr give me a follow. I will be adding some of my older photos from the last couple of years to Flickr.