I've posted about this park before. But, it's my favorite park near my house and Walter and I go on nature walks there all the time. I usually take my camera when we go, so I have more pictures from this beautiful park.


Walter and I went on a nature walk at Sunset Park this weekend. We walked 2.5 miles at this beautiful park near my house. This park has a paved trail to walk on that is surrounded by nature. At the end of the trail there is a beautiful gravel bar leading out to the water.


Such a peaceful place to go.

Walter really enjoys walking the trail and sniffing all the plants along the way. He was such a trooper doing the 2.5 miles in the head. When we got to the bottom (by the water) we took a short break so he could get some water.

This is easily my favorite nature trail to walk (that is close to home). It’s so peaceful and relatively quiet. I only saw a few other people when we went on our walk. And there are benches down by the water, so you can relax in a very peaceful setting.