A couple of weekends ago, I went on a Skyline Dinner Cruise with my boyfriend. It was sort of an early birthday celebration for him. He's not from St. Louis - so it was a way for us to enjoy a dinner and for him to kind of see downtown St. Louis. 

We boarded the boat around 7pm and left the dock around 7:30pm. The cruise lasted approximately 2 hours. Included was a buffet dinner with some delicious food (including dessert), live music, and great scenery. I tried to take some photos of the city after dark, but there was a lot of reflection from being inside the boat/behind windows. So, these photos aren't the greatest, but I'm sharing them anyway.

Near the end of the cruise, after dinner, we were allowed to go up to the top level, which is outside. We just sat and enjoyed the view and finished our cruise up there. Overall, it was a great, fun, and wonderful experience. I'm glad I was able to show my boyfriend some of St. Louis and enjoy a dinner together for his birthday.