On the weekends, I take a lot of trips. My boyfriend lives approximately 4 hours away from me (at the moment) and may end up even further away eventually. So, we do a lot of weekend trips to see each other. 

I really don't mind these trips at all. I enjoy the sights on the drive. I enjoy seeing new places. I enjoy spending time with him. There are also many nature areas/parks on my way to/from where he lives. I keep telling myself I need to stop and check them out. So, that is officially on my to-do list on my next trip there.

On my last trip, the above photo was all I took. I really love how it turned out, though.

I'm also starting a new project at the beginning of August. I've seen a lot of people doing 100 Days Projects and I want to try it out. I picked a theme and hopefully I can do 100 days of photos of this. I have shared these two photos before, but this is what I'm going to do - 100 days of looking through my side mirror. I think it will be interesting to see what's behind me for 100 days.

Are you working on any photo projects? Share them below so I can check them out.