It rained pretty much the entire weekend. It was off an on rain - but definitely gloomy + rainy all weekend. Regardless, I was still pretty busy. I felt like I had a ton of stuff to get done. Luckily, I got it all done and was able to have a little bit of relax time with Walter on Sunday.

I'll be honest - I actually love rainy, stormy days. I don't know why - because it's not like I can take Walter to the park or anything, but I just love them. I really love watching rainstorms from the back patio, if it's warm enough. If it's cold, I think rainy day are perfect for snuggling and reading or watching movies. I just enjoy them a lot. Although, the gloominess does make me feel gloomy sometimes. 

Since it rained, I decided to try out my macro attachment to try and take some raindrop photographs. I always see these beautiful photos by DaMariposa Photography (seriously, go check her out - she is amazing!) and I wanted to try and take some of my own.

Linking up for Photo Friday.