This past weekend, I met up with Erica in Kansas City, MO. She was in town for work and I decided to take the train from St. Louis so we could hang out. I had never been to Kansas City before, and neither had she. I definitely had a blast.

Union Station in Kansas City was amazing! It's huge and so beautiful. There are little restaurants and other things to do inside. We have a Union Station in St. Louis, but the trains don't run through it anymore and most of the stores inside are closed. I have heard that they will be renovating the St. Louis Union station and I really hope they do.

Saturday morning, we ate breakfast at this place called Succotash. They have amazing food. It was so delicious. And, the inside is just full of all this fun decor. Definitely recommend this place if you are ever in Kansas City.

After breakfast, we headed to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This art museum is free and huge! We spent approximately three hours looking at all of the exhibits. I am going to do a separate post next week with the photos I took there. 

Saturday evening, we took the street car to a little farmer's market. It was a neat little place. We got there about the time they were starting to close up. We were able to venture into an antique shop. Then, we got dinner at a delicious BBQ place. 

Sunday morning, I hopped back on the train and came back home to St. Louis. I had such a blast in Kansas City!

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